Pre-Conference Workshops

Creating Successful Transitions: The Transfer Orientation Experience

(Sponsored by the Transfer Services Network of NODA – Association for Orientation, Transition, and Retention in Higher Education)

Transfers come to college with an array of interests, needs, life experience and motives. A supportive and specialized orientation experience is the foundation for their ongoing success and persistence. This presentation will highlight current research and best practices to enable you to take away the necessary foundations to build a transfer orientation experience for your respective institution.

This workshop is designed to:

Michael Coombes – New Student Programs, North Carolina State University

Vincent Prior, Office of Enrollment Services, University of New Orleans

New Transfer Professionals: Navigating, Negotiating, and Networking

As the national college completion spotlight shines brightly on transfer student populations, the professionals who serve them are being asked to do more.  Some of these individuals have worked in transfer for years, while others are being asked to navigate uncharted territory on campuses just beginning to take an interest in transfer. This workshop targets professionals new to transfer and those interested in learning more about other functional areas within transfer.  It serves as a comprehensive examination of the state of transfer and facilitating transfer student success.  Designed to be a combination of education, application, and networking, this workshop seeks to:

Mark Allen Poisel – Vice President for Student Affairs, Georgia Regents University; NISTS Advisory Board

Janet L. Marling – Executive Director, National Institute for the Study of Transfer Students; Acting Vice President of Student Affairs, University of North Georgia

Advising: Pre-transfer through Graduation, Creating Successful Transfer Pathways Across Institutions

As the number of transfer students transitioning from two to four-year institutions increases, so does the need for programs designed to help students seamlessly transition to a university. The implementation of such programs requires a collaborative relationship between the institutions involved in order to ensure that vital information about the transfer process is accurately and continuously relayed to students.  Florida International University (FIU) and Miami Dade College (MDC) have capitalized on an already successful partnership by developing an array of advising services and resources for transfer students. Through on-site advising services, workshops, transfer guides and professional development days for academic advisors, the institutions collaborate to help students be ‘transfer-ready’ and better prepared to be successful in their major of choice at a university.

The workshop will:

Assist participants in identifying potential transfer gaps and devising a plan that supports the transition process at their institution

Vanessa Mériné – Associate Director, Transfer & Transition Services, Florida International University

Veronica Owles – Dean of Students, Student Services Division, Miami Dade College, Kendall Campus

Janie Valdes – Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Education, Florida International University

Jessica Wietsma – Senior Academic Advisor, Miami Dade College

Transfer Enrollment: Maximize Yield, Minimize Melt

Are you looking to design an intentional enrollment process for your transfer students? This workshop will cover a range of issues, from setting enrollment targets and identifying campus resources, to matriculation and retention.

Learn how to maximize yields and minimize enrollment melt by:

Jennifer Chadwick – Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management, University of North Georgia

Critical Transfer Services: Helping Students Gain Admissions & Succeed at a Four-Year Institution

As the first choice for many underrepresented, first generation and non-traditional students, community colleges enroll more students than any other type of institution in America. These colleges are the gateway to higher education for many students; however, students starting at a two-year school with the intention of transferring are less likely to earn a bachelor’s degree than students starting at a four-year institution. Current research reveals disturbing trends and statistics that identify barriers these students face in attempting to reach their goals.

This session will be interactive and we will discuss challenges and suggestions for improving transfer rates. Case studies from two major research universities will be provided to show how intrusive support can assist students in making a seamless transition, achieving at high levels, and ultimately attaining a baccalaureate degree.

This workshop is designed to help participants:

Toyia Younger – Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities; NISTS Advisory Board

Alfred Herrera – Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Partnerships, Center for Community College Partnerships, UCLA; NISTS Advisory Board

National Institute for the Study of Transfer Students

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